Soil mechanics

Soil mechanics as our core service aims at conducting applied research and engineering in the field of geological investigations.

We carry out geotechnical analyses and field measurements, planning remediation of landslides, securing of construction pits and geotechnical reports for different constructions including roads, railways, hydroelectric power plants, landslides and support structures.

We perform inspections of road condition and the stability of the terrain. We produce elaborates for road enhancement on the basis of the composition of existing road structure.

Services in the area of soil mechanics include:

  • field and laboratory investigation of soil and rocks
  • geotechnical and geodetic observation of constructions and mining facilities, as well as natural escarpments (pilot walls, retaining walls, bridges, excavation works, buildings, pipelines, barriers,  slopes, embankments)
  • processing data gathered trough investigations and observations, stability analyses and environmental impact of civil works on nearby buildings
  • the making of geological-geomechanical elaborates on the composition of the soil for the purposes of foundation works on facilities
  • releasing expert opinions on stability conditions of terrain prior to purchase
  • planning and technical advice for the foundation and ground works, construction of levees, protecting building excavations, rehabilitation of avalanches and geotechnical work (pilotage, injection, anchoring, draining, etc.)
  • creating elaborates for road enhancement
  • rock slides protection projects
  • analyses of bearing capacity of the terrain
  • geomechanical, geological, and construction supervision and counselling.

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