Field and laboratory research

Laboratory for the investigation of soil and slopes is equipped with all the tools necessary for the determination of the basic physical properties of materials. These findings are essential to finding the best solutions to a wide range of geotechnical problems.

Standard tests, supporting all phases of the design, that are carried out in our laboratory are:

  • determination of humidity
  • bound
  • determination of the consistency limits according to Atterberg
  • determination of grain density
  • determination of density
  • a single-axle compressive strength of soil and slopes
  • nondrained shear strength (Vane, Fall-come)
  • determination of the composition of grains
  • shear strength in direct shear appliance
  • shear strength in the Rotary shear appliance
  • compression in edometer (4 load and 4 relieve levels)
  • permeability (edometer, permeameter)
  • swelling in edometer
  • optimum moisture according to Proctor
  • CBR value in the lab
  • point strength index of the slopes
  • a tensile strength of slopes (Brazilian test)
  • shear strength of half slopes (3 load rates)

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DSC 5866
DSC 5880

Field research and measurements

Our experienced field team is running geomechanical investigations to detect the deformation, elasticity and strength properties of the soil, for the purposes of design, construction or rehabilitation of different facilities (CC-SI).

We also perform geotechnical observations during and after construction.

Presiometer MENARD
dynamic penetrometer
Sonding drill

Most common geotechnical observations include:

  • measurement of the static load and modules (CBR, ME or EVS)
  • measurement of the dynamic module deformation EVD
  • installation of the inclinometric tubes for inclination measurements
  • installation and measurement of extensometers
  • installation and measurement of dilatometers
  • dynamic penetrometer probing (DP, SPT)
  • Panda dynamic penetrometer probing(DCP)
  • flat dilatometer measurements (DMT)
  • measurements with different presiometers; OYO (slope) and Menard (soil)
  • construction of geomechanical probing shafts and boreholes
  • excavation of boreholes with a diameter of 350 mm in the asphalt for researching the composition of the existing pavement
  • measurement of thermal resistance of soil
  • geotechnical monitoring

composition of road structure 2
composition of road structure
measuring soil bearing capacity