Environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions

Geoinženiring is a pioneer in geological engineering in Slovenian territory, with more than 50 years of experience.

Our team of experts, equipped with modern measuring equipment and software, is committed to our mission - provision of expert solutions that are both environmentally friendly and sustainable. We are committed to quality and accuracy with firmly set internal quality management and control policies.


Our range of services consist of applicative geological investigation, research and development in the field of civil engineering and geophysics and geology. With our investigative research we are able to gain information, essential for the design of civil and energy infrastructure, as well as environmental protection projects in Slovenia and abroad. With our work we contribute well planned high quality solutions for our business partner and wider society.

We are cooperating on several major projects of national importance, such as the construction of motorways, national road and railroad network, Slovenia’s main port Luka Koper, gas pipelines.

With our experienced team, we also play a role in the construction of hydroelectric power plants and Slovenian nuclear power plant Krško. Geoinzeniring contributes also to landslide rehabilitation projects and building cohesion projects as building control, using FIDIC standards.

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Environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions

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